Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stones boring? 11 ways of looking at them

Eleven ways of looking at a stone.
1. Stone = stone. Just a word in a sentence. Refering to something in the real physical world.
2. Water ripples. Stone is a thing you trow in a river to make nice water ripples.
3. Better on rock. The bible, Matthew 7:24-29 says: built your house on rock and not on sand.
4. Details. Rocks and sand are both composed of the same elements: tiny little stones. Sand are stones. Rocks are stones. The only difference is the amount and size of stones.
5. Stoning. Killing another human being by throwing stones at him/ her until he/ she dies.
6. Universe. If we go into the universe and look back to planet Earth it's just like a big stone.
7. Shaping. Wind, water, ice, sunshine and animals shape a stone. Water and other stones in a river make a stone round.
8. Raw material. Man can transform some stones into a spearhead, knife, sickle or some other tool. Some stones can be used for light up a fire.
9. Decreting. On the Rosetta stone the ancient egyptians made a decree "forever" in 3 languages. This stone made it possible to decipher a language that was lost for more than 2.000 years. 
10. Dressing. Banks are enrobed by granite to effuse durability. Woman are decorated with diamond stones to effuse being successful.
11. ... - Yes yours. Yes, you can!


  1. Interesting..didn't know there were that many definitions!What made you think?

  2. Pauline,

    Like so many things "it" was just there. I was working on an archeological exhibition. Lots of stones: kookstenen, geslepen bijlen, pijlpunten, klopstenen, afslagen, maalstenen etc. Lots of different tools made out of stone. That made me think and wonder: how many ways are there for looking at an ordinary stone? Are they really that boring? The rest is history. Right now I'm trying to display '99 names of stone'.