Friday, January 22, 2010

IFAQ. Letter to @BillGates : Are we asking the right questions?

A few minutes ago I wrote this letter to Bill Gates via  'mail Bill your questions'

Mister Gates,

Nice that you are on Twitter now too. I checked out your Strange to read something directly from you that doesn’t come via my newspaper. Your answer on the infrequently asked question ‘Why Not Focus on Global Warming?’ puzzled me. I agree with your argument that the market has to solve our energy constraint.

My question is: are we asking the right questions?

Look to planet Earth (take 1 of the Apollo’s pictures). Did you really look? It’s a big circle in a really black background: the continents, oceans and clouds & I always hear a lot of “silence”. For me this image means: we as human species are 1; we live with all of us on 1 place in the universe we call Earth. The market will solve the energy constraint - I’ve no doubt about that - but is that all that has to be solved? Imagine people. All of them have their energy. What next? Will there be enough food for them? Will there be enough fish, meat etc for them? Will there be enough water for them? Will there be enough clay, wood and other stuff houses are built off? Will there be enough metals and plastics to make cars, airplanes, PC’s/ lap tops, machines etc.?

To be short, from my point of view our species ‘homo sapiens’ question should be: Aren’t we polluting and depleting planet Earth (dutch ‘vervuilen’ en ‘uitputten’)? Global warming is one of the aspects of ‘polluting’. Solving the energy constraint is one of the aspects of not/ less depleting planet Earth. In our present time – from my point of view - ‘polluting’ and ‘depleting’ aren’t solved by market. For the market both of them are “externalities”.

Best regards,

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