Thursday, June 29, 2017

Niche Market

Letter to myself. When you are grown up start a restaurant, near the sea, with old recipes on the menu.

  • Appetizer (15 items), snacks (15), main course (15) and dessert (15); change every 3 months 5 items of the four categories
  • Ancient Egyptian bread and stuffed shortbreads
  • From Ancient Greece (source): Bean Soup, Albacore Tuna, Baklava, Cod with Coriander, Sea Bass with Feta, Easy Oranges with Honey and Roasted Leeks and Apple
  • From Ancient Rome (source): Garum, Columella Salad, Lentils with Coriander, Roast Wild Boar, Ostrich Ragoût, Fried Veal Escalope with Raisins and Nut Tart
  •  A couple of the Ancient Chinese 280 recipes from 'Qimin Yaoshu'
  • Yucatán Papadzules
  • Old English 'The Forme of Cury' (1390): Gees in hoggepot (XXXI), Chykenns in cawdel (XXXIII) and Tartes of Fysshe (XX.VIII. X)
  • Check out Wikipedia's 'List of Ancient Dishes'
  • In winter - seasonal product - with fresh snow and fruit make ice 
  • ... - there must be more
  • Check the recipes with archaeologists and chemists. Ask them to what amount of salt, pepper and sugar were used. And other herbs
  • Not halal, nor kosher, nor other prohibitions - if the ingredient can be bought legally it can be served; change the law not my dishes
  • Nothing vegetarian - if you don't want to eat (for whatever culturally or historically biased reason) meat, chicken, fish, cheese or ... choose another item or restaurant 
  • No diets. If you are not allowed to eat something for medical reasons ... choose another item or eat in a hospital 
  • Remake of ancient wines and beer
  • Water for free 
  • Guests can eat with their hands, with cutlery or sticks
  • Burps (modest) are allowed
  • Smell bar
  • Book with recipes
  • Music? Listen to voice of the sea?
  • Blog
  • Suggestion box
  • Fossils on the wall

 I repeat #Change the Law not My Dishes.

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