Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Are you intelligent? Am I? The history of the word 'intelligent' is only 500 years old. How young! Derived from the Latin words for 'between' and 'choose'.

Do you choose the right road or direction? The right one between all the roads you could choose? Do I?

More questions:
  • Is there only one right road? More than one? Many?  
  • In every aspect of life: school, work, love, kids, books, holidays, dreams, ... - the list is endless? 
  • Indifferent because in the end we all die - whatever roads we took?
  • Only relevant in retrospect? If we - still alive - look over our shoulders on the (trail and error) tracks we took.
  • Wrong metaphor: the choises in life are not 'roads'?
  • Did our ancestors take the wrong metaphor: is there nothing to 'choose' after all? 
  • Situational, cultural and historical biased?
  • Planet Earth biased? Are all of us just dancing on the ship Titanic?

Last week David Bowie (1947-2016) died. Ashes to ashes. Did you know that he loved reading books too? His #top100=top75 #book list: here. I am not impressed. Are you?

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