Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rope! Everything is Rope

New balance. Again rope behind a hook. Again a moment frozen in time.

In trance, in the twilight zone I realised, a couple of weeks ago, that 'Everything is Rope'. A picture, a book, a conversation, fall in love, enjoy the sun ... - there is so much more - all of them rope that hangs behind a hook. 

The moment that the rope hangs - in some mysterious and unpredictable way - behind the hook is a moment frozen in time. Living a life frozen in a selfie. A paper book printed without the possibility to edit it. We talk so much but only a couple of conversations stick in our mind. So many woman I could have fallen in love with but it had to be you. Busy making other plans and suddenly enjoy the rays of sunlight that enlighten my face.

Why life? Why do the things happen the way they happen? Why wait for Godot? How long? Answer: rope. Rope that flows, emanates or pours out. Builds. Falling apart. New balance. Again rope behind a hook. Again a moment frozen in time.

Everything is Rope! Knowing that 'everything', 'is' and 'rope' are rope too. Including the one who formulates this sentence. Including the one who reads and interprets this sentence.

Do you get the picture? Do you see what gets frozen and what not? Do you see that everything keeps on floating and that only rare moments get frozen? (Read for 'everything': 'tow' and for 'get frozen': 'tow hanging behind the hook'.) Rare moments we should cherish? And the floating that never will get frozen we should cherish?

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