Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's the ... Wind

It's the #wind that defines what I'll read this evening. The wind as a metaphor! 

A song. A quote. Something someone said. Or did not say. A smell. A face. Eyes. An image. Or a part of it. A memory. A dream. A taste. An object. An artefact. An animal. A cloud in the sky. A ray of light. Or ... - there must be more.

From a distance - for me it never feels like that - my reading strategy is #fringe. I wrote on this before: here and here. On a day to day basis my stream of what to read today is #wind. Most of the time I continue with the book I read yesterday but may be I'll not today (and for weeks to come) just because the wind has turned.

Am I boring you with this?

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