Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Con le Sarde a Mare

Funny people those Italians. The poor man's version of the recipe 'Pasta Con le Sarde' is called 'Pasta Con le Sarde a Mare'. Meaning 'Pasta with Sardines in the Sea'. Fish in the sea and not on your dish.

The same "funniness" can be applied to music bands, songs, love and money:
  • Music band on stage. Name of band 'The Band with Beauty at Home'
  • Singing Song. Title of song 'The Perfect Song with your Eyes, Nose and Ears Closed'
  • Love. A Happy Life with You Thousands of Miles Away
  • Money. Richest Man of Town with his Money on Atlantis Bank account
  • ... - there must be more

P.S. The strange thing about R.D.F. is that he sought and found his paradise on Puka-Puka. With the intention never to leave again. At the same time he wanted a proper education - not to be found on Puka-Puka -  for his kids and them not being locked up in a Pukapukan life. Strange isn't it?

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