Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Canoeing at Night

At Pentecost - a basic holiday for all in my country - I went camping with my two sons near the IJssel #NL. We arrived around 20.30 on Friday evening. My brother and his two sons would come the next morning.

Within half an hour we were ready for the night. What to do next? Me: nothing ... just enjoy the view. W & S went canoeing. Within sight distance! With a life jacket! The water is cold at this time of year. Next to that I was not sure about the currents.

Everything went well. They loved their canoeing trip! It was dark when they came back.

I am wondering how they will remember their Friday evening canoeing, ten, twenty or thirty years from now. Canoeing at night with two flashlights ... that must leave traces.

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