Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To Swallow a Camel

I'm wondering what the Torah, Talmud, Old Testament, New Testament, Qur'an and Sunnah say about the desert. My hypothesis: the image of desert is distinctive in the three above mentioned monotheistic religions.

Hits on 'desert' on The Internet: 211 (Torah), ? (Talmud), 302 (Bible), 19 (Qur'an) and 209 (Sunnah).

Hits on 'oasis': 0 (Torah), ? (Talmud), 0 (Bible), 0 (Qur'an) and 1 (Sunnah).
Hits on 'spring': 74 (Torah), ? (Talmud), 60 (Bible), 38 (Qur'an) and 52 (Sunnah).
Hits on 'camel': 55 (Torah), ? (Talmud), 12 (Bible), 18 (Qur'an) and 1,492 (Sunnah).

Well, this will take me some time to analyze ;)

Let's take a look first at the 12 hits on 'camel' in the Bible:
A camel is transport. It's saddle is a good hiding place. You must not eat them. She-camel? You can make clothes from its hair. Comparator in a metaphor. 

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