Wednesday, February 20, 2013


On the radio someone said "like a needle in a haystack". I want to share with you 3 minutes of my stream of consciousness while driving home Monday evening.
First minute. Needle in a haystack. Difficult to find? Manlike problem solving: set the haystack on fire. After the fire use a magnet or metal detector to pick up the needle.

30 secs later. Bashar Hafez al-Assad (1960- ?soon?) difficult to find in Syria? I am convinced that "they" know where he is but it's not the right time to kill him. First his army has to be defeated some more. Much more blood has to be to shed! If not, Assad's group will not be convinced that they "lost" the war. His regime can't be beaten by just killing Bashar. 

10 secs later. Are Assad and his wife Asma (1975-?soon?) still having a jolly good time sharing music? By now they must be afraid of their - and their 3 children's - asses. Do they realize that their fashionable life with kings and heads of state is forever gone?

Last minute. "They" follow Assad and their main targets with drones. Next to spies on the ground. I wonder if drones carry a transponder or another airborne collision avoidance system. If not, it's a matter of time before people get killed by "unknown flying objects". Better: for them unknown flying objects not sending identification signals.

Last 5 secs. Flying in a glider. Feeling like a king in the blue sky. Just enjoy flying ... and out of the blue you collide with a drone. Killed by a drone ... for heaven-sake.

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