Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Myopia. Mine

In Norwegian they talk about 'Lengsel'. In German about 'Sehnsucht'. In Portuguese about 'Saudade'. 

And in Dutch? In The Netherlands we don't have specific words for 
  • longing for what is lost or disappeared behind the horizon: Saudade
  • longing for moving to places (or knowledge) where you are not right now: Lengsel
  • longing for an ideal world that surpasses everything that's unfinished or imperfect in one's life: Sehnsucht
In Dutch we stick to 'Bij de buren is het gras altijd groener'. Translated in English 'The grass in the neighbors garden is always greener'. In a way "we" Dutch are more down to Earth. More sober. We can long for what we lost, what we long for or what we dream of. At the same time realizing that it's never perfect. Even if it may seem so in the neighbors garden but that is - just take a better look: near-sight (myopia). At the same time realizing that you have to stick with what you have right now.

Mark that 'the neighbors garden' is a metaphor for 'everything in one's life'!

Do I have an answer to every question or problem? No, it's quite to opposite. All my answers are temporary. In a way a hypothesis. One cloud. One word. One song. One strange look. One touch. One kiss. One ... - it's always a pleasant  surprise - and suddenly I just don't know what to do or answer next. 

Clarice Lispector: "So long as I have questions to which there are no answers, I shall go on writing."

You. Myopia yes but so beautiful. Beautiful a la Saudade.

P.S. Some may say that the Dutch word 'weemoed' correlates to the different kind of longings mentioned above but that word is in my country non-existent. No longer in common use. It's archaic.

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