Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spread Across the World

Bruna Caram's CD 'Será Bem-Vindo Qualquer Sorriso' (English 'Will Welcome Any Smile') was released on 16 November, 2012. I downloaded it the next morning via iTunes for my new iPhone5.
Bruna is very satisfied and content with her new CD. With this CD she wants the audience to know her "completely". If she had a 'lâmpada mágica' her request would be: her singing spread across the world! 

She made a short summary for every song. Format: 1 tweet. I translated those tweets in English:
I love these 3 songs best:
  • 'Esfera' (Paulo Novaes). Try to allow each new act of love. And if you have to relieve: cry.
  • 'Flor de Medo' (Djavan). Come and kiss me once. You think too much. Come to me, body and soul.
  • 'Segredo' (Dalva de Oliveira). There is no remedy. Nobody is to blame for our disunity. Original from Dalva (1947): here.

  • My appreciation for this CD :) :) :) :)

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  1. Tweet from Bruna Caram Oficial @brunacaram
    03:02 PM - 21 Nov 12

    Thank you!! <3 RT @JeanD999@brunacaramm My appreciation for your new CD 'Bem Vindo': :) :) :) :)