Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quite shocked

Blind spots! I've blind spots too :( I thought I knew all there is to know about military aviation (and its history) but Martin van Creveld's book 'The Age of Airpower' (2011) showed me that I have blind spots too.

My three blind spots:
1. Since World War II the countries with nuclear weapons only fight with countries that don't have nukes. All their wars are low scale and are never a real threat of the homeland. And the glory and power of military aviation in Yugoslavia, Irak and Libya? Low scale wars against non-nuclear dwarfs. 
2. When it comes to deciding what is and is not a threat, airpower is often of no use at all. We need (wo)man on the ground who determine who is an enemy and who is not.
3. Military degeneration. The combination of very high quality, small numbers, growing cost and slowing down of technological innovation is a typical sign of military degeneration of jets. Just like the development of ancient Greek warships (centuries BC), full suits of armoured knights (around 1525) and floating steel warships (around 1939). Their tasks are to be overtaken by other "systems": satellites, SSBMs, ICBMs, (cruise) missiles and UAVs.

It's getting colder and colder in my country. The first fields of corn is harvested. It's fall again.

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