Wednesday, April 18, 2012

His Words. Word for Word

Yesterday evening I read Breivik's statement he made on the second day of his trial (April 17, 2012). Word for word. A statement of 13 pages (source). As far as I can tell from his statement, he is not nuts. From his point of view he is a defender of "the Norwegian culture and my people".  He made a preventive attack for the sake of "our ethnic group, our culture, our Christianity, our identity".  His enemies? Liberals, (kultur) marxists, immigrants and colonization. His real enemy: muslims, who use 'deception' as a weapon and in the end want autonomy and self-government with sharia in his Norwege and Europe.

His Words:
"I stand here today as representative of the Norwegian and European resistance movement. When I speak, I speak on behalf of the many Norwegians who do not want our indigenous rights will be taken from us.
Norway and other countries in Western Europe are democratic countries and have not been democratic since the interwar period.
Liberals and kulturmarxistene has 2 World War II, worked together to keep (…) from power, as their ultimate fear is that new Hitlers should pop up. What today is called a democracy, is in fact a kulturmarxistisk dictatorship.
It is equally ignorant to call me cruel, as to call the U.S. military leaders during World War II vicious. Those who decided that 3.2 million Japanese civilians were killed. They did so not because they were evil, but because they calculated that a violent reaction would save millions of lives.
These were good intentions and motives, even if the methods they used were brutal. I and other nationalists are using exactly the same logic. If we could force Labor to change immigration policy and prevent colonization.
If we can force them to change direction by executing 70 people, then the obvious contribute to that we will not lose our ethnic group, our Christianity and our culture.
When a great civil war will be averted. We do not have the luxury that we can expect more of confrontation. Because if we wait 20,30, 40 years, the ethnic Norwegians and Europeans to be in the minority. We have therefore not able to wait long. The designs are based on our goodness and not evil.

If there is someone who is evil, it’s Social Democrats, who not only engaged in systematic ethnic deconstruction, it is also made tens of thousands of threats that the consequences will be very bloody.
Today’s most successful nations are Japan and South Korea, which has used ethnic protectionism.
This model is currently the most perfect of all political models. In Europe, the alliance between Marxists and liberals after World War II, in principle, destroyed Europe.
This is the most precious and most reliable. Our ethnic group is the heart of our own culture. Our culture can not survive without a strong heart. To maintain this ethnic group, our culture, is what our ancestors dedicated their lives to it hundreds of thousands have fought for.
Our ethnic group, our culture, our Christianity, our identity … It is the framework for the defense, and I take the interests of families and the victims.
The second is that all Muslims are practicing deception as the Prophet Muhammad recommended to use. One can not rely on such secular Muslims, because it may be that they implement a so-called deception.
Many Muslims do not want to be integrated. They disdain the sexual revolution and the moral decay that characterizes not only Norway, but Europe. They want sharia. (…) They want autonomy and self-government with sharia. 
We are no more terrorists against the native Britons who fought against those who fasciliterte the Roman invasion. Norway has an indigenous population. Are Norway’s indigenous ethnic Norwegians?
Did the indigenous people lived here over the past 12,000 years?
The answer is yes, Norway has an indigenous and ethnic Norwegians are Norway’s indigenous people.
The attacks were preventatives attacks in defense of the Norwegian culture and my people. I acted with the principle of necessity on behalf of my people, my religion, my ethnicity, my city and my country.
I therefore demand that I be acquitted of these charges."

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