Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bike shed

Look at your Twitter timeline. Take a good look! What do you see? Do you see a bike shed t:):)?
Twitterers give disproportional weight to trivial issues. Weather. Showing off. Holidays. How to ... - whatever.  Taste of food, book or music. What colour, shape or touch to give to another gadget. Opinions on TV programs, politician's opinions or the government's output. More opinions.

If Twitter really reflects daily life of species 'homo sapiens' then those tweets prove - according to me - that life is not about the pursuit of happiness. It's about trivial issues!

Or! Or is this the ultimate proof that there is a private & offline 'us' and an online & public 'us'? In private we think, talk, dream and act according to happiness? And online: we're never too deep for the fear of being shown to be insufficiently intelligent or informed?


  1. I think it`s difficult to most people, to be online different of what you are offline, however It`s safer be careful with what you do and say. To normal people, isn`t easy play a character all the time.

    And I do think people likes of little issues because it makes them forget about their own problems

    1. Thanks Miya for comment. I don't think it has something to do with forgetting. I guess all of us are most of the time busy with little issues because that is the very nature of life. What to eat and drink? What to do next? Who to trust? Sharing thoughts, emotions and opinions. Trying to read what is going on in the world.