Friday, April 15, 2011

List 'How To Treat Sour?' First draft

Lists. All of us are surrounded by lists. Or is it me? Public lists. Lists in our mind. List of dreams. List of fears. List of items that are important today. Other peoples lists. Lists of lists. A list where I wrote down "check out the name of the science that has 'lists' a it's subject".

The sweet in life is never a constraint. Or is it? Ever read Goldratt's 'Theory of constraints'? This morning I was thinking about the 'ways' (remember it's an image) we can treat the sour parts in our life. My list - first draft:
  • Deny it
    • Grow up! Treat it like stuff of kids
    • Change point of view. It's not sour, it's sweet too
    • Pick another image. It's not a constraint, it's a gift/ love/ challenge/ transition
  • Face it
    • After rain there will be sunshine. After sunshine rain
    • Everything passes
  • Ignore it
    • Don't talk about it
    • Get distracted when it pops up
  • Share it. Communicate about it with others
    • Online in a public blog
    • Face-to-face with other(s)
  • Talk about it with yourselves in a private diary
  • Chew and ruminate/ puzzle on it
  • ... - to be continued

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