Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ancient story. Do we always realize that we die twice?

It's an ancient story. It's a story we share with more than 9.000 generations of 'homo sapiens' who lived before us: being born, live and die. Some of us reproduce ourselves and start a new generation. If we don't our personal familyline will stop. I was lucky to have known 3 of my 4 grandparents and my great-grandfather of my fathers mum. My daddies dad died 15 years before I was born. In retrospect I've met my ancestors mostly on normal, nothing special occasions: birthdays and drinking coffee on Sunday. In a way we (better: I) only love, take care and are emotionally involved to people we "meet" in person. Family, friends, collegues and acquaintances. And the others? They are Others whose lives are irrelevant.

What's the ancient story? All of us are little branches on the big tree - it's an image - of species 'homo sapiens'. We all die. Some get reproduced.  After 3 generations all of us - with or without kids - become statistics to the generations who come after us. "Jean Doorn, born 19 of January 1970,  died on {date}. Father of 4 kids". All the love I toke. All the love I gave. All the stories I heard. All the stories I told.  All laughs, kisses, tears and fears. All the tweets I read. All the tweets I wrote. We die twice. First the physical us. After 3 generations the us in the minds who love and hate us 2.

What do you think? Will Internet change all this? Will the future 'IT' (footnote) be able to "meet" someone who died more than 3 generations ago?

Footnote. 'IT' is the big computer with a huge amount of data in the book 'Journey  into Space' written by Toby Litt.   

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