Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloud catching

Sometimes I like to catch clouds. Lazy lying in the grass. The smell of green and hay. The sun on my face. Hands under my head. Watching the big play up in the sky. Big clouds. Smaller clouds. The play of hide and seek of clouds, sun and blue sky.

Sometimes I try to keep up with only 1 cloud. What at first seemed one frozen tuft of wool  is, when I look in detail for some minutes, never really the same. The borders always seem to move more quickly. Correct me if I'm wrong but the clouds always seem - from my point of view - to move up. The wind that blows a cloud in different shapes.

Most of the time when I'm catching clouds I don't realize that a cloud is: a visible mass of little drops of water or frozen crystals in the atmosphere above the surface of planet Earth.

Sometimes the big play of clouds is for me the metaphor of meeting other human beings. They come. They go. They are hidden behind other clouds. Seemingly frozen but when I look in detail never the same.

Last year I was catching clouds in the pasture near the Externsteine in Germany. Looking at clouds. The big rocks (german 'Steine') on the background. The play of hide and seek of clouds, sun and blue sky. All of a sudden one glider making his thermals just in front of me under the clouds. I was so happy. For just a short brief of time everything seemed in balance, peaceful and just the way it has to be. It was just PERFECT.

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