Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Postponed encounter

This morning I opened for the first time Hiromo Kawakami's book 'The Teacher’s Briefcase' (in dutch 'De tas van de leraar'). Did not open it before. It was patiently waiting for me  in my study as a little treasure.  I postponed my encouter.

Read first and last page of the book - as always. Aaaaaaah ... that's what I like and love to read. Last two sentences (translation @JeanD99): "On nights like this I open Senseis briefcase to peek in it. An absolute emptiness yawns at me. There is nothing but the desperate, gaping void." Aren't we all surrounded by books, things, dreams and so much more of the ones we love(d)? To be continued ...


  1. Que quieres decir con... En noches como estas ??? como es esta noche, que tine de especial para tí, ?
    Si es cierto, estamos rodeados de tantas cosas, entre ellas libros...
    Espero la continuacion.
    Besos Ale

  2. Ale,
    It's not about "stains special for you" (tine de especial para ti). It's about a briefcase (cartera/ portafolios/ maletin). The book is about the teacher'empty briefcase. It's a quote of the 2 last sentences of the book I started reading. The writer talks about special nights. As far as I understand it now she (the I in the book) went to a pub she used to go to with her lover (= Sensei = teacher). The teacher dies. She inherits his briefcase. At a night she returns home and looks cautious (= peek) in it. Finding out it's empty.
    Besos Jean