Friday, September 14, 2018

El Castillo

El Castillo is the official title of Jorge Méndez Blake's project (here) with a wall of stones "deformed" by a book. Most people know this "visual" under the name 'The Impact of a Book'.
So good and deep!

'El Castillo' is not a random book. It's Frans Kafka's unfinished book 'Das Schloss' (1926). Published against the express wish of Kafka! Wikipedia: "The Castle is often understood to be about alienation, unresponsive bureaucracy, the frustration of trying to conduct business with non-transparent, seemingly arbitrary controlling systems, and the futile pursuit of an unobtainable goal."

The German title 'Das Schloss' is a homonym that can be translated as 'The Castle/ Palace' but also as 'The Lock'. Next to that it's phonetically close to 'Der Schluss' that can be translated as 'The Conclusion/ End.

I don't want to talk about:
  • The impact of alienation on stones
  • The impact of bureaucracy on stones
  • The impact of controlling systems on stones
  • The impact of an unobtainable goal on stones
  • What is the metaphor behind, under, above, ... - there must be more - stones?
  • Is image 'impact' the same as 'deformation'?
  • The right spot of the book is important. On most places it would have had no impact at all
  • Observation that 'the book' has on the biggest part of the wall no impact at all
  • Could it have been another book too? What category tag should we give these books?
I need to talk about storytelling and framing in our time and age. Big media. Big fake news. Big lying. Big wikipedia. Big brother. Big TV. Big news. Big government. For me it feels as if the free spirits on our planet are slowly loosing grip and steady ground. As if they slowly become extinct. As if there is no longer ground and space where they feel love, have their ups and downs and can grow up as free spirits. As if there are no longer ears and eyes who are sensible for their subjective and relativating words. As if everyone is looking for objective and final words ... not realizing that that is a false and most dangerous dream. As if no one is realizing that there are only subjective and relative words. As if no one reads books from free spirits.

Why so much fake news and many lies? Why is the sky blue? What is a free spirit for his- or himself? Why do I love the radiation of the sun on my skin in this time of the year so much? Why 'why'?

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Two weeks ago I ordered the first printed copy of my book (remember?). Last week I sent it to T. for editing. He called twice to compliment me with the superb book: superb book design and impressive quality of its content. Yesterday I recieved it back with his handwritten edits. One day work left!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Point Zero Frozen in Time

You don't like the sketch of Raef Payne's cottage redesigned? That's is OK ofcourse.
For me personally the taste and distaste (and everything in between) tells all about our romantic view or point zero of a place. The perfect picture. Frozen in time. Of what was back then and isn't anymore here and now.

For me personally point zero of Camusfearna is 1948. When the house was a second house (rented) for Gavin Maxwell. When Raef Payne's cottage didn't bear his name and when it wasn't his second house (rented). When there was no landrover track down the hill. When you had to walk the 3 miles up and down the hill. When there still was a lighthouse. When there was no telephone.

For me personally Camusfearna 1961 is a distaste. A paradise lost.

Never get angry about someone else his or her (dis)taste. It mostly tells more about our unconscious perfect picture, our point zero, our romantic view. Frozen in time. Never get fr...n - you know.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

French Weather

Climate change on Planet Earth? Sometimes I am afraid species 'homo sapiens' changed climate on our planet "irreversible". What we changed can be unchanged, in time, right?

This summer #2018 it's South of France kind of weather in The Netherlands. Hot. Very hot. And in France and the rest of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea? Very hot. Too hot. Slowly changing into a desert?

Anyway I changed our menu this summer. More cool, wet and fresh salads.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Like Blueberries

Others surprise me - over and again. They say, "Just be happy!" I hear and read it everywhere all my life. As if it’s a law of nature. As if everyone knows what happiness is and know its definition by heart. As if it’s ready to be picked like ripe blueberries on a bush, ready to be eaten.

Sometimes I feel as a stranger in the desert. Whispering in the wind: the definition of happiness is historically and culturally biased. As if not a single person is listening and realizing the impact of that truth. It should make us 'homo sapiens' more humble and less selfish.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


One of the films that impressed me most when I was a little younger was 'The Sure Thing' (1985). How I loved the story, the ups and downs, attract and repel, Ivy League school, the adventure of being on the road together. Being young and full of dreams. Windows of opportunities. Looking for love - not lust only.

P.S. I guess I was in love with Daphne Zuniga. So charming.
P.P.S. The full movie: here. I just checked out the last 10 minutes. It made me cry.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

That Would Be Nice

That would be so nice. Walk a little. Eat a little. Read a little. Sleep a little. Make love a little more. Stroll over Santo Antão Island and São Vicente Island. Enjoy the smells and warmth.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


or 1. Changing light
or 2. Waves
or 3. Sun
or 4. Changing colors
or 5. Clouds
or 6. Seafishing on coast Scotland
or 7. Silver lining